About me

Hi! I’m Debora Hardeman.

I was born in Groningen, the Netherlands (1983), but I grew up in Brazil. That’s why I did primary school in Portuguese. In 1995 I came back to the Netherlands and started secondary school. I did my exam in English, French and German.

I found Language and Culture really interesting, so I started studying Psychology of Culture at the Radboud University. In 2007 I got my certificate.

I’ve worked as community worker in Utrecht. My work was to stimulate people to use their talents for the neighborhood and to participate in the society. After four years I felt it was time for a change. I wanted to do something that would fit me better. Something with language.

Then there arose Taalles Nijmegen, where I now give classes Portuguese and Dutch. By June I am going to finish my basic course for prospective teachers of Dutch as a second language at the Radboud University.

To me it’s fascinating to see how language enables people to communicate with each other. When you speak the language you can talk with your neighbor and the people around you. I think that’s really important in life.

It’s my pleasure to accompany my students in learning the language. Besides language I teach my students something about the culture too.